An old poem im posting..



I have no explantion
For your bittersweet corruption
of the person
I used to be...
but when it comes down to it,
you knew what you were doing
and only brought the sinner out of me...

When your hands brush this body
I forget about him
when your lips touch these lips
I transform on a whim...
to a land of only flesh
sweat and skin..



Another old poem

i thought i'd post them before i throw them away


We both walk the path untaken
if you think im fine without you,
your mistaken,,
like ugly bitches with no makeup
without you im simply fucked up


J'aime le roses, mais je crains ses e'pines(I like the roses, but i fear the thorns)

La e'pines(the thorns)
stick me everytime i try to grow
restrains me,contains me
until i'm under control
your roots run so deep
into my life
that i can't seperate
your friends from mine
true friends from spies
everything i do,
gets reported to you
La e'pines(these thorns) are like fingers in my mind
Votre un e'spine dans mom cote'(You are a thorn in my spine)
you try to point out my flaws
(like you have none at all)
you forget that I'm a human being
(one that used to love you)
I hurt, i feel, i bleed
my own problems and my own worries
I'm not anything like what they've said
J'aime le roses, mais je crains ses e'pines
so keep my name out of your mouth, your heart and head
before you ruin the only love i have

Behind The Mask

Our love is lived behind a mask
of what we pretend to be
happy and unafraid
as perferct as can be
but i love our imperfections
because i get to see
the thomas people rarely see
the thomas that hurts
the thomas that bleeds
and the thomas that loves me

where our open wounds used to be
there's only scars
our love is one of healing

you taught me how to let go
you taught me how to let love
and after breathing in and breathing deep
I've realized there's far less holes in me

because you love my imperfections
and you see
the Danielle that people rarely see
the Danielle that hurts
the Danielle that bleeds
and the Danielle that loves you

so here's to us
the us no one sees
when i need you,
your there for me

so while searching for gifts i thought
why not my heart?
the one thats been shreaded and torn apart
with a lil tape and a lil glue
it should be good as new
just like the love i have for you

so take my heart
and take my mask
because you've made me comfortable
at long last

2/12/07 9:31pm

Okay so here i go with the update

yeah i suuuuper bored in computer class. I'd so rather be in art, this is bullshit...even listening to my mp3 player is getting boring. I need new music. Lol. how about my damn french teacher gave me an 89 in french..and i've only been in that class for a week! The only grades ive gotten are 90s and 95s...and an 85 this is bullshit man. But however i am not failing chemistry....my friends are all like why are you trippen...noone understands im trying to go out this weekend...89 is just not cutting it.speaking of parents the school has lost their minds! Giving the parents access to view our grade...wtf? My teacher wont even tell me my own grade, but my parents can see it? WTF! my french teacher wont give me a print out until i stay afterschool, but my parents can see my grade whenever they want. WHAT DO THEY NEED TO SEE MY GRADE 4? IF I WANNA FAIL IM GOING TO FAIL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY...SO WHATS THE POINT? STUPID!!!! anyways...im sleeping i want french vanilla coffe and to go to sleep

(no subject)

Alright people...16th birthday...effing awesome!..gift list  in no specific order
1)Diamond circle necklace(totally effing awesome)
2) Day at the spa
3)Cherry Blossom Bath& Body Works set
4)Icing Giftcard
5)Brown Hobo large purse
6) Red umpire(?) belt
7) Brown umpire(?) belt
8) Watch
9)3 teddy bears
10) Baby Phat bookbag
11)a dozen roses
12) a $104 lunch outing with my friends%)
in short....best birthday EVER!

Prompt#2..I know its extra late

The kind of girl you only like in small doses
Her and Dontello are like this close I swear
And she'll do almost anything
As long as it doesn't fuck up her hair

She lives,breathes, and buys in Tiffany's
She Guccied and Pradaed from her head to her shoes
But she's really not that bad
When she's not around her plastic friends

She defines herself in designers
And people think she's as fake as her nails
But I know
Her soul is the sole of her lowtop Coach shoes